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Benefits of Video Marketing For Corporations and Businesses

Harvest In the Rain Digital can help corporations or businesses with video production for your website or social media platforms. We make commercials, product videos, influencer videos, live events, and training videos. Our staff can film and write content for a video for your business that will help you promote your products and services. Today, videos are a valuable tool for marketing and advertising online. Our video production services can help you increase sales and acquire new customers.

Benefits of Video for Corporations and Businesses

Your customers like visual images and videos, like movies that combine the visual and the written message of your brand. Whether you have a restaurant, retail store, hotel, manufactured product, or offer special services, a video is an excellent market tool. Online business websites and social media platforms use videos to attract new customers and sell products. It can be an amazingly effective tool to promote and advertise your products and services. Small, medium, and large businesses will find video production an important part of their marketing campaign.

Videos Increase Brand Awareness and Online Presence

With videos, you can reach different customers by posting your videos on different social media platforms. A well-made video will attract new customers and generate income that you may have never considered. Your product or service may be missing a large group of customers. With platforms like Facebook and YouTube, videos draw a large following and you can have your own channel and create videos on how to use your product and service. A professionally made video will be more effective in conveying your message because our staff had the training in video production. The more channels your video is seen, the more consumers will learn about your products and services. This will increase your online presence and customers will know where to find you.

Videos Improve Mobile Marketing and Ranking With Search Engines

With so many customers using cell phones at work, home or driving video can be customized for these applications. Videos on mobile devices are often seen using a full screen and having it optimized for this audience is important. Mobile users are a big market and should not be overlooked. A well-made video can help you move up in the search engine rankings with Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask, and others. When customers search for your type of product or service, the closer you are to the top of the list the more likely you will be to make a sale.

Videos Convey Information Quickly And Increase Your Return on Investment

A video can convey information in a few minutes and consumers with their busy schedules do not have the time to read or watch a long presentation. It is the ideal format for our fast-paced world that wants instant results. Videos can visually and verbally convey a message in 2-5 minutes. It is concise and an excellent advertising and marketing tool. Some businesses claim that you can increase your business by 80% over time using videos for marketing and sales and making a professional video is an affordable option.

Contact us online or by calling to learn more about how our video production service can help your business or corporation with marketing and advertising.

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